Started by dhavalmistry, July 15, 2007, 09:43:20 am

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I have this software for plants called "OnyxTREE Conifer 6" but I dont know how to load textures into it or how to get textures when you export it to obj. When I export a tree to obj, it creates a mtl file and when loaded into tg2, there arent any shaders applied to it, so when I render it, the whole thing is black....

can anyone help me please???.....
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Volker Harun

Most times those issues are the blanks in filenames.
Neither the Object nor the path or even the texture file should have any blanks. Rather use "_" instead.



I was considering buying Onyx Tree over buying the XFrog libraries.  its still in the air though...

how do you like Onyx Tree conifer?
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