Render Hotkeys (and a future feature idea)

Started by SteveR, May 11, 2014, 08:47:46 am

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Hi all,

Just a small one, I can't see how to change the Render hot key to something other than Ctrl-R (Windows). Is it possible, as I'd like to set it to F9. No biggie, but helps me between the applications I use - I keep pressing Ctrl-R in Modo and depending on where I am in Modo can cause things to change! Good job for Ctrl-Z!.

But whilst I was looking in the prefs for the above, it occurred to me that it would be handy if we could assign a hot key ourselves to each renderer on a project by project basis. In Terragen I do a lot of test renders and if I could say press F7 for my Ultra Chunky lo-res quick render, F8 for my normal quick render and F9 for my normal render  it would save me time switching renderers. Again no biggie - but strikes me as a potentially handy addition.

Best wishes


I don't think you can reassign things like the Renderer hotkey at present, however you can bring up the Render view with F3, then either use Tab+Space or Alt-R to render. It adds a step though, so not ideal.

I like the idea of customizable hotkeys per renderer, though not sure how feasible it is. I've been trialing Nuke 8 recently and really liked its ability to assign various points in the node network to the View output with simple numerical keys (so when you have a node selected, you can press e.g. 6 and thereafter you will get view output from that node when you press 6, provided no other node is selected).

- Oshyan