Gathered Scene export fileName and GIC fileNames

Started by mathieubr, May 16, 2014, 03:01:47 am

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Seems that the filename by default for a gathered scene (adding " (gathered).tgd" to the original filename) is not very server friendly (with all those spaces and parenthesis...). IS there a way to change that default filename so I don't have to correct it each time I want to send it to a renderfarm for example ?
Also, what are exactly all the variables you can add in a rendered file name?
Thank you!


I think that just yesterday I found out that numbers at the end of the image file name should be avoided... I don't really think there are any other things you should pay attention to here. ??? I mean, this is the final product. Who cares how it's called? Certainly your computer should not. ;)

What I know is that you should avoid saving your .tgd files in folders or with names that contain special signs like diacritical signs.

Hope that helps in some way.
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I got used to just typing in a new file name instead of using the default.  Not sure why that combination was chosen for the default -- much rather see something like this:
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