Weird lines in render

Started by Mavcat, July 16, 2007, 03:38:02 AM

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Saw some other topics about this but they referred to the populator which i didn't use here. 2 Power fractals,one for the big terrain and one for the details. No shaders. No clouds. Sunlight is made yellow. So anyone has an idea whats wrong?

Edit: added tgd


Looks like you may be underneath the terrain. Check your camera altitude and make sure it's above the terrain surface (when in Move mode in the 3D preview you will see a readout for height above terrain ("Vheight"). If it's negative then you're inside the terrain.

- Oshyan


I was some millimeter above the terrain :P Anyway,re-rendering it right now, with a vheight of 88mm,hope it works :)