Limiting tree population altitude

Started by AK84711, July 18, 2007, 04:04:16 am

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I've read a couple things about limiting how high a tree pop goes, but I am still pretty confused. Does anyone have a good explanation and/or pics to show the exact nodes n such. Or maybe a link to a good thread?


Achieving this is actually fairly simple. You will be using the Density Shader input of your population. On the Distribution tab of your populator check Use Density Shader then press the "..." button to the right of the node name box. This will pop-up a menu allowing you to either assign an existing shader or create a new one which will function as the Density Shader. Go to Create New Shader -> Colour Shader -> Distribution Shader V4. Click the "..." button again and select Go To "Distribution Shader v4 01". A settings box for the Distribution Shader should come up. Set your altitude (or other) constraints as desired then press the Populate button on your Population and enable Preview Instances to see the changes. Adjust as needed.

- Oshyan


Thanks a bunch Oshyan. It's been awhile since I really muddled with TG2 so I'm a little rusty, but this sure helped, gracias