Cloud masking/Invert localise radius

Started by AC5LT43R, June 16, 2014, 08:55:02 am

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So I have 3 cloud layers in my scene, one "blanket layer" then a two layers on top of that, one which I have close to the camera and one that I want off far in the horizon. I'm struggling to work out how to mask the horizon cloud layer so it doesn't appear anywhere in the radius or immediate foreground with the other layer. I've tried both the distance shader (it half gives me the result I want in that it masks from distance, but outside of the mask is just a grey layer of cloud) and also Big Ben's method in this thread,111.15.html, which doesn't work either.

I've attached an image to give an idea of what I want.



Is the black in the distance shader clamped? Maybe attach a tgd, so we can have a look.


Are you using the Distance Shader output as the Mask input of your cloud Density Fractal, or as the Density Shader input itself? The latter won't work, it'll just give you all gray. What you want to do is mask the existing cloud fractal Density Shader. I do think a Density Shader is an easy way to do this using that approach. A Simple Shape Shader with Invert on the Mask Input should also work, I think.

- Oshyan