Emergency landing on Terragen jungle airstrip

Started by Kevin Kipper, July 02, 2014, 06:10:03 pm

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Kevin Kipper

Here's a Terragen environment I created for an episode of Why Planes Crash.  3D artist, Steve Rogers, animated the scene while I exported the camera motion from Lightwave as a .chan file and created the environment. The plane and flocks of birds were rendered in Lightwave and everything was composited in Fusion.  Hope you enjoy it. Kevin


 :o :o :o That worked pretty great!!!

I love this stuff! Thanks for showing it. Makes me happy  ;D
It has been eaten.


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Looks great! Any chance of a higher quality version, and/or seeing it on Vimeo or YouTube for easier sharing? Would love to tell the greater Social Media World about it. :D

- Oshyan

Kevin Kipper


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Very nice. And a nice smoke-from-the-tires effect on touch down. Did you do it in Terragen or did you add in post? One thing I would like to comment is the cushion of air that a winged aircraft experiences just as it approaches the surface of the runway. This brings about some added lift and the aircraft has to slow down even some more before it can touch the ground. The ideal landing for a pilot is to stall out just as the aircraft touches the ground. This seems to add an extra five seconds or so to the process of going from a few feet to actually touching down. I just experienced it again Monday coming back from a vacation in Arizona.

Kevin Kipper

The smoke effect was a separate element created with Lightwave's Hypervoxels and added in the comp.