We are not alone...........

Started by yossam, July 05, 2014, 03:03:55 pm

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Lady of the Lake

I never doubted it for a minute.  ::)


Interesting article. Missed the one (triangular) that flew over Phoenix several years ago. There seems to be something to it; but, I doubt that we will ever know what the phenomena is.


Blurry photographs, sensationalized news reports, assumptions, he said, she said, old story's of foo fighters, myan space vehicles LOL, and what not... I still do not believe it. It is amusing that the "UFO'S" are playing cat and mouse games with the eyes of the public and yet I would ask them this. Could you just freakin' land some where public and say hello and stop buzzing around the sky like idiots. Park those darn things and we can talk. LOL!!! I still do not buy any of it.


I almost forgot, I saw a face on Mars and assumed it was a unnatural structure then I looked at a cloud one day and saw a face as well and assumed it was a fortress made of water vapor.