Alternative explanation for Mars surface features, what do you think?

Started by Mahnmut, July 04, 2014, 07:54:08 am

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searching for refrerences on martian landscapes I stumbled upon this video:

If you are interested in martian landscapes it´s definitely worth viewing for the images alone, but the theory (basically they say many features are products of electrical discharge) is astonishingly quite convincing. I don´t agree much with the passage about ridges and scallops (these look like "ordinary" erosion to me), but many of the other arguments don´t seem totally off to me.

What do you think?

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I'd love to find out a bit more about this, but can't they tell me in less than an hour and a half? :D

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Would you be surprised Mahnmut if I told you all those pictures are just workings of some of TG users' sick imagination?  ::) ;D
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On the electric cause.
That was absolutely convincing. How with such repeatable verifiable evidence, can this be thought of as theory and not fact? Especially when there are so many theories touted as fact, that have NO repeatable laboratory proof?

I was also fascinated by the statement that what happened, happened in an instant. That the surface of Mars was formed not over billions of years, but in a moment. In fact, haven't we just learned that the universe was established in a fraction of a fraction of an instant?

But what could have caused the electrical discharge events? At one point I thought of those conspiracy people who believe there is a rouge planet X drifting someplace (that is on the way back they say). And that made me think of the film "Melancolia"... Which now makes me feel a little depressed... depressing F-ing movie!

It was a very fascinating vid, thanks for posting it!
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