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Started by Abyssinian02, July 07, 2014, 04:23:08 pm

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I've been messing around with Terragen again lately and I really wanna try to create a landscape like this:

What would be good settings for such a thing?
Currently I've got a feature scale of 800, steepness of 0.9, Roughness of 0.34375 and seed of 22328.

With those settings however, the mountains aren't as sharp and compact as I'd like and there really isn't any leveled area to put a village.

Basicly I'd love some tips. :P

Thanks in advance!


I would use maps for this.

What I mean is, I would use satellite data or a hand made map in PS to get me very close, then I would use the normal TG tools to get me the rest of the way.

If it were my project I would use satilite date from some place in Asia that look similar. Than I would ether alter that map or use it as is. Once loaded in TG I would either leave the data as it aperes or cause it to be stretched and scaled until it looked like I wanted, then I would add fractals and colors until I was happy

Also, Its a good idea to post a test render with your inspiration image so we know where you are in learning, and can give you more that general responses as I just did.

Lastly, don't expect to get "Exactly" a reproduction of the painting. But "very close" is more than possible. Just some position and heights of the forms will be different.

For adding the rivers you can again use PS to draw a path, and then displace that with negative values to create the river beds. But with this simple way, you will end up with some parts of the river being very shallow or very deep. So you want to make sure that the base of the towers is very flat(ish) to begin with since you will add the river map to the terrain map(s).

It has been eaten.


I'm not that great with making height maps. I tried that before for my Avatar project, and I'm still working on that. Would you have any advice on them or some great tutorials?

And I don't need to make a perfect replica, just something that looks alike is fine. What I really would like is the basics from that image. The wide open spaces with those certain shaped mountains here and there and some small rivers and creeks spread over the place. I'll just use the largest mountain and place the temple on it then with the village below.

I think I mainly have no idea how to make a heightmap with which I'll get those mountain shapes.

As for what I've got so far; just the house and temples models really.

I'm still very much a newbie with Terragen, but I do see its potential. I'm mainly a 3d artist with a lot of models that I'd love to display within Terragen on a nice scene.


You can have a look at this for a start. Nice models!


Excellent models look forward to seeing the final pictures.


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Hey Dune, would that project happen to be made in Terragen 3? I use 2 myself and can't seem to open it. Or rather, I can open it, but I get 41 errors and a flat landscape. In the Node network view I do see you added some information, but under Terrain there's nothing. Thanks for helping me out btw! I really appreciate it and hopefully this'll give me some better understanding of Terragen :D

PS, please let me know if Terragen 3 can't save to Terragen 2 files. I'll consider getting Terragen 3 then.


You'd better update! There's a free version available, but it's worth buying.