Sunlight on Water

Started by David Burnett, December 26, 2006, 07:23:44 PM

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David Burnett

Hi, I'am looking for some advice.

I've just completed a decent render, but the sun light on the water looks a bit,
well not as good as the rest, it looks a little pixelated, almost like
it has not be anti-aliased.

Any one with any idea's on how to smooth it a little in TG2, rather than post
processing it ?



why not set the anti aliasing a little higher in the render globals. thats unless youre using the unregistered version i think the max is 3.

David Burnett

I was using the unregistered version at the time, and yes increasing the anti-aliasing does improve things.
However the reflections in the water do seem to be 'less anti-aliased' than the rest of the scene , and for the sun
its quite jarring. I just wondered if there was some setting somewhere that I'd missed.


You can try adjusting Highlight Spread and/or Highlight Intensity. If you use a regular Reflection Shader instead of a Water Shader you have some slightly different controls over reflection that might also help - Specular Roughness, Reflection Softness, etc.

- Oshyan