Microsoft sucks

Started by yossam, July 08, 2014, 12:13:49 pm

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They have changed their minds or whoever reported this to start with had their head up their ass. Support thru 2020 now.  :o

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Quote from: yossam on July 08, 2014, 06:18:10 pm
They have changed their minds or whoever reported this to start with had their head up their ass. Support thru 2020 now.  :o

That's a long time...

Win 8 is horrific on a desktop.  On a tablet, its not so bad.

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I hate this. Just upgraded from XP, and everytime it's gets heavier and less transparent  >:(


Just except that your PC is a doorway for the dark lord (AKA NSA) to pass through and steal all of your nudey pictures and credit card numbers, and then it wont bother you anymore.
It has been eaten.


You think NSA doesn't have a backdoor into your piece of fruit?  ::)


Why would you even ask? Why would anyone think that the NSA is blocked by Apple? Not even the fanatics could think that at this point.

It has been eaten.


 Apples & Oranges.  Basically it's the end of new features support, but security patches and such that we had with XP doesn't end until 2020.
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Quote from: Upon Infinity on July 08, 2014, 09:58:11 pmWin 8 is horrific on a desktop.  On a tablet, its not so bad.

There have been so many complaints about Windows 8 that MS has decided to speed up the release of Windows 9. I'm glad I avoided 8. Looks like the general rule is holding. Avoid the even releases and get the odd ones. They are developed by different teams you know. Vista was Windows 6. XP was Windows 5.

I have six Windows 7 computers and may have to get a seventh because a special control package only runs in 32-bit mode (apparently with 32-bit driver). This makes me somewhat hopeful because my favorite software synth won't run or install on Windows 7/64.


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Hard to say how i feel about Windows 8 in short here ...but i will try .
Yes Metro sucks absolutely on desktop computers .
But i use Windows 8 from the beginning and have it on 3 desktop computers and 1 laptop installed.
It is one of the best and stablest versions i have used.
Networking is very easy. I had minimal problems with old programs etc.

The point is i absolutely only use it in desktop mode.
The Metro gui is something like a ghost environment that i haven't used nearly at all.
And that is mostly only when you have to use some personal settings etc.

I was at first angry too at the changes
-and they are really stupid of course-
but after you see that you can really bypass the stupidy easily it is nearly like another Windows 7.

This all windows 7 is better or windows XP is better or Windows 2000 is better thing
is mostly forgetting how everybody was angry at every new OS at the beginning if you ask me (except that the Metro gui is still stupid).

As i said the new Metro aspect was really bad and Windows 8 could be much better.
A Windows 7 user will be really angry on some unneeded changes on the OS and rightly so.
It feels especially at first too much constrained and changed just to be changed with some forced Metro style etc.
But if you can overcome those it is very stable.
If you can't , you should wait for the next one really.
After 3-5 days working with Windows 8 in only desktop mode
most of you would be surprised of how much the same and better in some aspects Windows 8 is actually.

I think they really got at last that they made foolish changes to get in the tabled race by changing the Desktop version in the same way.

Edit: But if you would ask me if you should upgrade to Windows 8 i would say wait for the next OS.


At our house we have several different OS's on a number of devices: Win8, Win7, WinXP64, Android.  I did think that Vista was a demon from the lowest level of Mordor and it required exorcism by an MS adept on a now defunct laptop. However, as painful as the learning curves to the various changed and added controls in an OS can be, it usually works out for the better (IME). Win8 on a laptop with a touch screen is really a convenient feature, makes the Win7 laptop feel clunky and old. Also we have a Win8 cel phone which performs quite nicely. Win7 has been the best OS I've ever had, stable and responsive, but the Win8 experience is virtually the same, only faster to load. There are some irritating "who moved my cheese" moments at first, but that's the nature of software updates isn't it? Even Planetside is not above those kind of things: "Raytrace Atmosphere" I grasped easily, "Defer Atmosphere" not so much... Who can blame MS for the direction they've gone with Metro, a necessary element given the proliferation of portable devices. So hang in there, at some point we just really need to make our preferred apps work as expected, and as long as PS can make it work with whatever new OS I'm happy.


I have not heard that expression since my early management days.............."who moved my cheese". Brings back memories.  ;D


I guess that dates us both Yossam!