Totally black render

Started by Dune, July 13, 2014, 12:22:23 PM

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Happened to me for the first time, but how can it be; crop renders ok, but larger crop is totally black  ??? >:(


That's weird!

Do you use multiple render nodes (or cameras)? If so, has one disconnected from the render camera somehow?

With such vague/weird issues then first the most stupid questions need to be asked ;)


Found it, but it puzzled me greatly, because at first it looked right in the preview, but the render was black. Small crop was ok, big crop black. Second time I looked (an hour later, after a good dinner, the preview was also black). It's caused by the node called green algae, and perhaps its breakup PF. Strange though. Just masked color with 0.3 coverage.


Are you sure Ulco?
I had mostly problems with transparency in some kind .
You have a transparency node there too.
In another thread here on the forum only moving the transparency node in another place made a difference for example.


That's rather curious as I can't see an obvious mistake at first sight...


Well, it's solved, so I don't bother anymore.


Did you disconnect the sun ?  ???
Hmmm... wonder what this button does....


I have had this before and couldn't figure out what it was.  ???


Not the sun. The only thing I did was take out the green algae shader. It was in there that something went wrong. A mystery.

bla bla 2

Tu n'as pas ajouter un autre render 01 ? Et, oublier de faire 'return' ?

You do not have to add another 01 render? And forget to do 'return'?


No, that wasn't it, but thanks for thinking along, Bastien.