Fun with the crater shader

Started by 3DGuy, December 26, 2006, 07:49:58 PM

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wow, really cool render, thanks for sharing
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very nice. looks like a snap shot .... nice lighting too! ;D ;D ;D
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good job and welcome to the fourms :)


The world is round... so you have to use spherical projection.


That's pretyy cool.  Good job! - A great Terragen resource with models, contests, galleries, and forums.


Quote from: lonewolf on January 01, 2007, 08:18:12 AM
Have been playing around with the redirect shader and multiple inverted craters with interesting results. Using twist and shear on the x & z axis with values around 3-5 for the lean factor, things tend to end up like this. The second one has surface texture applied as well with stones and displacement.

It's been 2 years since this posting.  I don't suppose you still have this .tgd file?  But, if you do, would you mind posting it.


4th post down on page 1, Senji.

EDIT: Sorry, I thought you meant .tgd for the first post.

Using the base altitude in the twist and shear shader(s) will give you the height(Y value) that the effect will start at. Sorry for the initial post.

Looking directly north and displacing along the 'X' positively, will make displacement to the right, negatively will make displacement to the left.
Same for the 'Z' field, looking north, positive values will displace forward, negative is backwards(or, towards the camera). :)