How to save TGO files?

Started by archer73, December 27, 2006, 01:49:21 AM

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I'm new to the forums and have been reading up on my issue, which is a repeating program crash when trying to render object populations.  I noticed a few suggestions about a workaround by saving the OBJ as a TGO but every time I click on the node, rename the file, specify its location, and attempt to save, I get nothing.  The program doesn't crash, and for all intents and purposes the save function *seems* to work, but my new TGO file is nowhere to be found.  Could this be another bug or am I just an idiot?

Thanks for the help!



Save the File as TGO on the Desktop, then have a look, if it is there or not.

Close Terragen and re-open it.
Then import the file and don't forget: you have to use the TGO-Reader, not the OBJ-Reader to see it in the Terragen-opening-browser!

I hope I could help.


Irmisato, thank you for your help.

Unfortunately, the file still does not save.  I gave it a name and attempted to put it on my desktop, but I got nothing.  I've searched my computer and it wasn't accidentally placed anywhere--it seems that it simply never saved.

If it's worth anything, I'm using WinXP Pro, Service Pack 2, AMD dual-core processor and a RAID setup.

Any other suggestions?  It's killing me not being able to play with the object populating features of T2.




Make sure you do "Add an object" not "add a population" or it won't work

(I know that works 'cos I just did it)


Hmm, what exact procedure are you using to save the TGO file? Remember that you can't save a *population* as a single TGO, you have to save the base object file. So if you have an object giving you problems and you want to try converting it, use Add Object rather than Add Population, select your original object, then when it has loaded, right-click on the object node in the node network view lower-right and go to Save Object File. If that's not working then there is definitely something wrong.

- Oshyan


Thank you, all, for the help.  Once I stopped trying to save populations things began to work a bit more smoothly.   :)

Again, I appreciate you taking the time!



I had the same problem with saving TGO's. While working with populations I did tweak the object .TGO the population was based on. When I did try to save the object .TGO through "save object file" there was no error but the .TGO never did save. I did try several saving options but to no avail so I grumbled, took it as one of those TG2 idiosyncrasies and went on. ::)
Now I recently found that if a .TGO is "member of a population" it cannot be saved as object file. To achieve that it has to be an "individual object".
And that's also the base for a possible work around: If you're working with a population disconnect the object .TGO from the "Object Maker" input in the internals of the population and change the population mode to "individual object". Now you can save your tweaked .TGO. :)
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Good find Andy. That might be considered a bug. I'll look into it.

- Oshyan