See how good you are at spotting CG..........part deux

Started by yossam, September 02, 2014, 12:38:44 pm

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13/16  I thought i would be better this time.But no. Portraits should be harder to make. Anyway :)


Lady of the Lake


20/20 on that first one, 12/16 on this one - Was a lot more cocky this time round though  8)




15/16. I got the cake wrong, it looked real to me, but the one before it was also a photo I think, and I sort of overthought it, assuming they wouldn't have 2 in a row or something. ;) The other one that gave me pause was the creme brulee, good one that, but the reflections on the sugar top gave it away...

Still, I think none of these (nor the other set at same place) are as hard as the current Autodesk challenge:
That's more about careful image selection though, like some very stylized, non-photoreal stock images.

- Oshyan