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Started by Kevin Kipper, September 04, 2014, 03:34:24 pm

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Kevin Kipper

I've just posted an environment demo reel on youtube.  It is a compilation of shots from a number of projects I've worked on like Terra Nova, Red Skies and Why Planes Crash.  It also has a few shots done in Vue software.  Hope you enjoy it.

Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s8qIacbxn4&feature=youtu.be




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Hats off! Great shots. I might sound slightly biased, but in my opinion the TG shots look better than the Vue shots  ;)


Nice work. I liked the jet fighter scenes especially.


OH mAN!  8)

Please post a still image of the last shot, the one of the night time terrain! I liked the military air craft stuff the best. But Im really interested in the lighting in the night shot at the end of your demo... It looked very good.
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Thanks for showing this, Kevin. Looks really cool. Nice relaxed views and fitting soundtrack, I like that.


Impressive. Congratulations.


j meyer

Shots well done.
Amazing how you can see the difference between TG and Vue
even without looking at the inscription.


Fantastic work, I'd love to see the visual breakdowns though. Were the fighters rendered in another application?

Kevin Kipper

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the positive comments.  All of the aircraft elements were rendered in Lightwave and then composited in Fusion.  The jungle shots from Terra Nova were composited in After Effects.  The Vue shots were done before I migrated over and learned Terragen, which I love using.


Very nice indeed! We'll be sharing it on our social media feeds shortly. :)

- Oshyan