Sailing ship WIP

Started by Hannes, September 05, 2014, 11:53:49 am

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Here is an updated version of my ship animation from this thread:,18849.0.html

It's a bit bigger and I used real water. There are a lot of settings that have to be adjusted for the final animation. I left out the clouds at the horizon to speed up the render.


Just absolutely outstanding Hannes, this is well done!



Pretty exciting work Hannes. Rendering frames for animation is a daunting task (at least for me). So this is going to go to Pixelplow at some point? I'm definately looking forward to your progress here, a great start!


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Looks very nice Hannes :)

The waves on the rocks could be problematic when you render bigger.
I would make small crop renders in real size to see how it will look.

On the far side are some flickering white parts.
Have you used GI and GI cache for animation in this or not Hannes?
Probably those are some things you mentioned that need adjusting.


This is looking really nice, thanks for the update. Did you take the wind off the sails?



This is very promising, Hannes. The water is outstanding, and I really like the movement in the foam and waves. Near the coast there even seems some sinus involved, or a lucky seed.

One thing strikes me though; I get the impression from the foam and wave movement that the wind is blowing from left to right, but the ship is sailing against it....  ???


Thanks again.
Yes I think the white flickering parts near the horizon is some GI issue. There is an old GI cache file, but I should create a new one. It's probably a bit outdated ;)
I reduced the wind in the sails, because there were some nasty artifacts, but I'll do some tests to get it back.
Ulco, I do not know anything about sailing, so I have no idea if it's possible to sail in this angle angle to the wind (the wind is roughly blowing from left to right and the ship is roughly sailing towards the camera) :-\


I think you can haul to the wind, but the ship's sail will probably on quite an angle then, and the ship itself leaning off the wind a bit. Perhaps if you tilt the ship (animated) to the right (its left) you have a better 'posture'. The sails are harder, I guess.


Thanks for the tip, Ulco. I'm a bit afraid to change anything about the ship's position or rotation, because the wake and everything is exactly adjusted to the actual animation.
Anyway at the moment I'm still testing the sails animation. I'm not quite sure yet, why it didn't work yet. I now copied the power fractal and the transform shader out of the original file I used for the NWDA animation. Hopefully this will work.