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Started by Harvey Birdman, July 25, 2007, 09:03:12 am

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Harvey Birdman

And the latest - Rasmussen has just been thrown out of the Tour and fired by Rabobank. It turns out that he was actually in Italy when he claimed to be in Mexico (and couldn't be found for testing). So now Contador is first, Evans second and Leipheimer third. It's pathetic, I tells ya; it's junkies on wheels.


Winner by investigation.  Now that should fit in with all of the plethora of TV shows lately.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


Wow... this has gotten ridiculous.
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Contador wins now, Discovery channel rules the time rides (or how ever you call it) and lotto isnt that good in it


Sorry for double post but soler has tested positive : http://www.cyclingpost.com/tour/article_005202.shtml

So the circle jersey thingy also positive

Good game ::)

Harvey Birdman

The latest news seems to contradict this. It sounds as if the Dutch press heard a rumor and published it as fact, and the rest of the press followed suit. It sounds as if the original rumor said that a jersey wearer was going to be thrown out for doping offenses. The timing was such that the rumor may have been referring to Rasmussen, but somehow it got transferred to Soler.

If this really is the case, the fact that the rumors would be given credence and picked up so widely by the press is a telling commentary on the totally corrupt state of affairs in cycling - people are willing to believe anything at this point. And why not? It's a circus.


The danish press you mean :P They started it :) I'd believe anything now,they never cease to amaze me,every single year...