"Black" Objects?

Started by Phoenix_2, July 25, 2007, 07:23:35 PM

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Hello everyone,

I have run across this problem on more than one occasion, but since there seems to be a problem with the objects/program themselves, rather than my own methods, I need some help.

Basically, whenever I want to add in a population, it does render, but without the image map for the object. 


I'm not sure why it is doing this, as I downloaded the free pack of vegetation a long time ago, and have attempted to follow MeltingIce's tutorial on adding objects step-by-step.

I stopped hiding from objects and would really like to start using them again in the attached .TGD file, but knowing how to get it to stop saying "Can't find image file for blahblah.tgo" would be much appreciated.

Harvey Birdman

Usual cause is a space in the path to the texture image. Move the image files to the same folder as the .obj and .mtl, if they aren't already there. Then edit the .mtl file with a text editor (NotePad) and remove the paths from the images file entries, leaving just the file name. (In other words, give the relative path instead of the absolute path.)


Thank you for the help.  Actually the problem was that when I downloaded the vegetation pack earlier this year, I didn't know that the .tif files played any importance, I thought the model contained both the plant and the image map to go on it.

I re-downloaded and moved everything into its own folder and it worked with my latest render, thanks again!