Started by ADE, October 31, 2014, 01:42:11 pm

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the third render on this so far, completely different from the previous ones, there again I may not be happy and start something completely different


Hi Ade,

In the coming days I will start a topic with tips, tricks & how to's regarding TG techniques and principles which may help others with the contest.
There's really a lot of things you can depict as Icelandic landscape so I suggest you browse the Pinterest board once or twice and pick 2 or 3 which you think are suitable to be made within TG.
It's your choice to do a photo reproduction or an interpretation of your reference(s).

Luckily you started already so you have way plenty of time.

I know you a little bit as a person and you like to do dozens of different things a day (right?) so for you it might be handy to pick a type of landscape, dive into it and iterate every day after 1 or 2 hours of developing it.
This way you're starting fresh every day and others can give you suggestions. Perhaps this is good general advise anyway.

I'm looking forward to see your next iteration then ;)
You can also post references of what you're after of course :)



Good start Ade, looking forward to seeing this progress


I like the green rolling in the front and the mountains in back.

It may be impossible to go wrong in this contest. Has anyone ever seen an image of iceland that does not look great? May be harder to do an ugly image than a good one.
It has been eaten.


added a few home made rocks


Nice subtle update Ade, keep them coming


Some more colors in the snow would be good, some dirt also.


I like this second one better. The ice on the water in particular reads very well.  Some more variation would only help.
It has been eaten.


here is another possible entry. No light sources or post work used to do this one


Nice light and cloud formations Ade. I would change up the slopes in the snow layers, but overall a step in the right direction for sure.


any progress on the last one Ade?
looks really great so far!


another IL tgd project....im happy with this, so will do a full render and submit it


Really good! Curious to see all the details in high quality render. The skull is quite cool too.
It has been eaten.


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Looking good Ade. Maybe a few stars? Yes, you have some stars. Must look a little closer.


really fine aurora , and sure enough there truly is a banshee with a skull like face. Is this going to be built around the aurora? Well done.