Iceland Contest Entry - Final

Started by Gannaingh, November 11, 2014, 08:09:39 AM

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I've got to get in on this contest. Terragen has been calling my name, and this is the perfect lure to drag my busy ass back in. For starters I've mostly been exploring POV's that could be interesting. This is the first one, but there's no guarantee that it'll be the last one standing for my entry.


Very nice start already :)
The water looks good and so does the base terrain.

Do you use a reference or just a picture in your mind after seeing references?
What is your next step for this?

What I find quite typical and probably suitable for this scene, is how "gritty" and rough many surfaces on Iceland look.

Looking forward to see the next iteration!



Thanks TU!

This view point is actually in Iceland at the coordinates 63.542434,-19.627433 looking North East towards the nearby hills. I got the terrain from bigben's reference material post and I've added some strata and fractal displacement.

My plan is to continue to explore Iceland until I find a viewpoint I really like and then I'll use reference pictures from that location to try and build a realistic scene.


The colors are quite nice. Good details.


Nice color and terrain. Great start
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Good to see you back! Nice start too  8)
It has been eaten.


Finding another POV that I like better is proving difficult, so I've done some tweaking on the current one. I've done some work with the strata, foreground, as well as playing with the sun's position, apparently the old position was physically impossible.


Oo, awesome terrain, and texturing is looking quite nice too!

- Oshyan


Really beautiful terrain sculpting! The ridge line is being developed masterfully.


It has been eaten.



If possible, I would seriously consider creating some nice sedimentary erosion along the low slopes. The strata looks very nice were it is.


Thanks everybody!

ChrisC: Excellent idea, I'll have to play around with World Machine to see if I can get some good features.


Very nice terrain indeed.

The POV is ok, but perhaps it would provide you with more options if you were looking down at the scene? Just trying to think along.


Thank you, Frank, for your input! When making a scene I often get very focused on my "plan" for the image and get blinded to outside possibilities. Some sort of bird's eye view is something to consider.

I've gotten some erosive effects going from World Machine to give the terrain a more weathered appearance. Right now the fake stones are just confined by slope, but I'm going to mess around with some erosion flow and deposition maps from WM to see if I can get better results. I've also added some land in the foreground since it looked empty with just the water.