Iceland Contest Entry - Final

Started by Gannaingh, November 11, 2014, 08:09:39 AM

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Terragen 3 creative + animation license


Its a good one. Was good since the start. The grass in the foreground now looks much nicer to me.
It has been eaten.


I had a bit of a mid-contest crisis and decided that I really didn't like the whole atmosphere of the scene. I felt that the dark oppressiveness of the clouds didn't fit very well with the brightly lit foreground which, I think, contributed to the lack of a large sense of scale in the image. I've spent the last week or so trying to get better results and I think I've found something that works. Instead of oppressive doom clouds, it has the feel of fog and low level clouds being burned off by the sun. With the deadline approaching I better not think up too many more major changes ;)


Looking back at the previous image, the mountain looked as it had more brightness and highlights.Bit this current one has much better clouds. Sometimes working TG is bringing together compromises.


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I prefer this one, much more realistic, but only if you include the previous foreground.


I really like the scene! But I've got to say that I definitely prefer the darker atmosphere you had previously. It was more moody. And there was more contrast between the light on the land and the dark clouds, giving the image some drama. In fact, when I first saw what you were doing, my immediate "like" response was clearly connected to the darker mood and drama. But I tend to like somewhat dark imagery anyway. Other responses are certainly valid. By all means though, do what you like most!


Thank you, all, for your comments. Choosing to go away from the darker atmosphere was a difficult choice, but I feel that the image is ultimately better for it. I plan on adding some additional layering to the clouds which might give improved depth and additional variety.

Here is the full scene as it stands now. I'm still not satisfied with the wind effects on the water and I also need to do something interesting with the empty bottom left corner of the image. It's been a fun contest, thanks for all the support along the way!


I think seeing the full version allows for a better, more fair comparison. But I do have to say I was also partial to the darker version. Quite possibly that's just because I was there in a darker, bad-weather type season. I do think there are good aspects about both. You've demonstrated your ability as an artist to choose a good path and refine it, so I trust your feelings on the lighter version. I will only say that I felt the rockier foreground of the previous, darker version was perhaps more "Icelandic" in my personal view. Whether that is reflective of reality I don't know, just my personal impression.

Regardless of these critiques, it remains an outstanding scene and a beautiful series of images. Whatever you end up with will be great.

- Oshyan

Zairyn Arsyn

excellent terrain features
i really like you reflections on the water.

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previous set up.....absolutely fantastic


Whatever lighting/sky you will choose at the end, this is a very beautiful work !
On the latest version I am truly amazed by the far mountain on the left. My only critic would be about the image itself. It was definitely an improvement to pan the camera to the left, but I am sure it could be even better. Anyway, this is technically excellent!


super detailing here, I too love the reflections, really great terrain too!
good luck with the next ones


It is most definitely rich and fantastical, just like most of the real photos I have seen from Iceland. I do like it a lot. Hope I can get this kind of detail in on mine!
It has been eaten.