Hi , Pls help about rock population

Started by myriac, December 27, 2006, 09:03:41 AM

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Hi dear fellows, and MASTERS ..

I ordered prepurchase of TG2 today , so exited and so much happy for buying it before christmas ;)

and my question is :
Can someone pls explain how to populate rocks over terrain in different size and shapes  ?
i practiced gary_tg2_object_tutorial_files, but it was about gras clump population.. and i couldnt make this tutorial over rock population.

thx for now


Hi myriac

Are you after big rock populations or lots of stones at various sizes and shapes?... if its stones, then add a Fake Stones Shader (under Shaders) this shader does stones of varying sizes and shapes. You can add a Power Fractal to the Fake Stones Shader to make the stones more random in shape. Regards, Simon.
I just need to tweak that texture a bit more...


Thx for yr reply littlecannon,

not fake stones shader
i am after big rock populations , and actually i did it, but when i increase faces value all rocks become like balls.
i want to displace all these rocks in different shapes , ways, size  etc..
isnt that "faces" value segment of the rock like in 3dmax ?
if so i want to increase faces to get realistic rock appearences.but they become ball shape :(

briefly , how will i be able to deform them ?



i did it in a way:

in <object maker> of <pop rock 01> goto rock 01, and there to surface shader i choosed <Power fractal shader v3 06>
fr0m there i increased a little displacement values of <pfs v3 06>

and i go on,

any other suggestion is welcome

thx all


Try following my object population tutorial, except instead of choosing .obj reader, choose Rocks from the add population menu.  You can read it here: http://paths.meltingice.net/tg2/object_pop.html

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Fake Stones shader can actually produce very large rocks and it seems to work better than the Rock object at present. Primarily it accepts displacement much more readily and with better results.

- Oshyan


You might take a look at the post I made today about "Fake Stones".  It might be of use for you.


thx oshyan & hyper for fake stones capabilites & reminding your post hyper, did a very helpful use for me !