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Started by DocCharly65, December 24, 2014, 06:00:20 am

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December 24, 2014, 06:00:20 am Last Edit: February 01, 2015, 07:27:30 pm by DocCharly65
...Time for a little preview because it's Christmas  :)
Merry Christmas to all of you!

Only low profile PAL - but the HD-Version is already rendering  :)


Pretty awesome takeoff, Nils! I can't wait until 2015!

j meyer



Thank you very much  :)
And a special thanks to Dune and Oshyan, who gave me great, great tipps...

Unfortunately I was a little under time pressure, because this "teaser" is also a little Xmas present to my little sister, who loves the Star Wars saga and especially the robot. So there will be other teasers in better quality...

Hey - did you know how had the work is to create an own Viper- or R2D2 sound? - The robot needs many more hours of work!  ;D

Dear Dune, 2015???   ---   Äääh... the text in the teaser "...or later..." is no joke  ;)


Two weeks of studying and a special thanks to j meyer for a very helpful advice.

I have experimented with wings3d after I found that most of my objects have parts with inverted normals...
As before, wings3d is far beyond my capabilities but I could repair the "damaged parts".

This is the good news... here is just the "repaired Viper":



(both with only basic terrain, as shown when TG3 started)

Unfortunately I had to restart all render-jobs for the animation. But I think in 2-3 weeks there will by a HD remake of the teaser...
Also I found a way to repair that absolutely ugly, bad and unidentifiable R2D2 Sound... new one will be better... promised!  :)
Äähhmm - dear Dune... looks like waiting until 2016 for the complete movie  ;)


Wow! I love this model man. Great job ;)
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I don't mind waiting, Nils  ;) It looks like it's gonna be worth the wait!


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I love it too, but do not praise me too much. I only "repaired" it for the use in TG3. The model is (I hope I mentioned it before) is from turbosquid...

just a moment...

Member "Costinus" at turbosquid... I'm still surprised that it is free. I have seen other models from 40 up to to a few hundred dollars expensive with poorer quality.

Anyway I was happy learning things about object-import, finding out things about partsshaders... and ...and ...and

j meyer

Good progress Nils. 8)
Don't worry about things being beyond your capability,
as with all things it just needs some time,you'll get there,
no doubt.


Nice progress :)
The object looks good in Terragen. Some parts do look a little too clean.


After some new ideas and since I set higher quality requirements I decided to restart most of the scenes completely new.

So I took the best pieces and did a little new teaser as consolation for the waiting people...
I think it's much better than the first one , but still far away from what I want  ;)



Yeah, terrific. This'll keep me patient for a while  ;)

j meyer