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Started by otakar, December 30, 2014, 07:03:11 pm

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Well, it's just a start.

Comments are certainly welcome.


It's a bit 'empty'. I suggest looking for a more vivid POV, more dramatic, with a close up area where you can play with some veggies or rocks, or a stream, and distant mountains. Then see if mist will add anything to it.


Thanks, yeah this is all good. However, I don't think I can do close-up streams very realistically. Unfortunately, water features prominently in Iceland, though :)


If there's one thing I've learned about scene composition is: don't put things into the scene incidentally.   The foreground really frustrates me to look at because I feel there should be more of it to look at and that if it is in the scene, then it should be there with authority.


What story are you trying to tell here?  Start with that and the rest will follow.  Right now it feels like you're telling one about a sky. 
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I very much like the feeling of being close to the rim of some great valley, or transition from one type of terrain to another. Too much sky. But I still get a bunch of ideas from this so I think there is something here to refine.
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Thank you for all the comments. Like I stated this is a very modest start. What I wanted to convey is the vastness of the land and the rugged topology. The sky should be prominent but interesting at the same time (which gives the former some meaning, i.e. decent clouds). This could be a snapshot when standing on the rim. The fog is covering up what should be at least partly revealed.


A good idea and start. Thinning the fog; and, adjusting the POV should take you into more details.


Another iteration. The fog's gone.


I think you can do much better, Otakar! It's still very empty and has no real 'composition', like a flow from a close up something to a distance. The horizon line is very straight also, and the clouds not really real. I am sorry to be so blunt, but I wish well.


Dune, I appreciate it and I agree. I've been struggling with the composition and I did not spend a ton of time on it and it clearly shows. If I ever should make it to a worthwhile entry it will require lots more work. I'll be kicking this around in my head for a while.


I think it would be a good idea to walk through the reference again, see what strikes you as interesting/stunning ánd doable, and try to replicate that.


I think there is actually potential in this landscape and scene, just not this particular PoV! I even like the clouds, though I agree they're a bit strange and almost alien. I would suggest decreasing their density and/or edge sharpness a bit perhaps. But the PoV is the most important change. Move your camera down into the valley below, maybe down on the right-hand side where there's an irregular, sloping valley between two sort of low, rounded ridges. A PoV looking up the valley might be good. Or looking up a bit out of the valley in a flatter area to get a broader view while still avoiding this somewhat flat horizon and too-much-sky.

I hope that helps. You don't need to start over, just change your view. In Terragen it's just that easy, no miles to hike to the bottom. :D

- Oshyan


Thanks for your thoughts, Oshyan. How's this POV then?


Even lower and closer to those ridges in the righthand side (front) would be even better, IMO. And change the angle of the sun, so you get more dramatic lighting on the far mountains. If the white peaks dissappear, raise them locally (SSS). But this has much greater potential!