I am pretty sure this is a TG render!

Started by TheBadger, January 09, 2015, 12:01:11 pm

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It has been eaten.


As far as I can see our only Harvard customers are in the Graduate School of Design. ;)
Looks like he's very mixed-media anyway, so there *may* be TG elements, but I don't think the whole thing is TG:

- Oshyan


It was the sky and the background that sold me. The water I thought was a little low quality for a TG render that had such a nice sky. So yeah.

I gotta say though, I see these kinds of images all the time, from NASA, from universities, from where ever... Mostly they all look like cartoons, or just made by amateurs. (I don't mean this image, just images of this subject in general from the news)

Some times they look great, but usually I can find better images here and on cgsociety.org Someone should do something about it ;) ;D
It has been eaten.