Happy new year!

Started by Hannes, January 13, 2015, 06:29:37 pm

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Here is a short "Happy new year"-animation made by Unexpected, the FX company I already had the pleasure to work with a few times featuring an in Germany well known comedy duo named "Badesalz".
It doesn't really matter that those who don't understand German don't know what these guys are talking about. Something about stolen rockets and a discussion about some rather unknown warm places on earth ;).

I made the island scene in the second half of the clip. The palms are animated using the mesh displacer. The water is animated as well and I also used a caustics image sequence made with the free caustics generator.
The surf is created using a painted shader for the rough shoreline and an animated power fractal for the foam pattern and it's displacement.


Wow, that is a great little movie, really enjoyed it! Your island is amazing, especially the very convincing tree movement.


I agree, impressive work! I'll be sure to give it a little more exposure on social media a bit later in the week. :)

- Oshyan


Very nice and sweet work Hannes.
Mein Deutsch hatte(!) a very hard time to understand what they said in the first part  :o  :)


Thanks guys. Yes Kadri, they have a strong "hessisch" dialect. They are from the area near Frankfurt, about 70km south of where I live. My dialect is a bit different, but nevertheless it makes me feel like home when I hear them talk (nonsense).


I used to live near Darmstadt (Niederramstadt) Hannes :)


j meyer


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Sabberlott - ei is des gut...  8) 
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Great work!

(I studied in Dieburg... feels like 1000 years ago)


A lot of Hessekniddel here!
(Don't ask for a translation...) ;)


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I was only guest there for 3 years - But was a nice time.  :)

Now since over 20 years near Stuttgart but I still cannot "write" the slang - even google translator can't help ;)


Enjoyed this; very good work Hannes.


Man Hannes, for a retired guy, you sure do a lot of work! Good work too. Very funny short. ;D
It has been eaten.


Agree with the rest of the crew here, and great innovation with the palms...
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