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Started by TheBadger, January 18, 2015, 08:31:18 PM

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The power fractal has one input for a mask and one set of parameters for that mask (one invert ect).
I need to mask the same PF twice, but one of those masks must be inverted, (one is an image map, and one is a simple shape).

I tried the merge shader, and a number of different nodes in a number of ways. But because I need to have one of the masks inverted, its not working.
How can I do this?

Or is there a way to mask everything with the simple shape by placing it below all other nodes? This would be fine too. I am simply trying to limit the area where any displacement on the planet happens. But really only that one PF in particular is an issue.

Was a bit afraid to post this but I spent like two hours going through everything to make sure I was not making another stupid mistake. It really does not look like there is a simple way to mask a PF twice, when one of the masks must be inverted and the other not.

What do you think?

Thank you.
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Why not just mask the PF that you're using for a mask? I.e., input mask #1 to to mask #2 shader, then input that into the shader you ultimately want to mask.

- Oshyan


Quote from: TheBadger on January 18, 2015, 08:31:18 PM
Or is there a way to mask everything with the simple shape by placing it below all other nodes?...

Have you tried to put all the nodes in a surface layers child input and masking it there?


Actually, I realize that my approach may not work for you depending on what you're trying to use for masks here. Are you trying to literally mask by the *combination of two things*? Or are you trying to mask by one thing and then another? i.e. in the latter case, at the end of it, you have *less* stuff showing through (it's subtractive, essentially).

- Oshyan


Surface layer could work for your real problem too.


Hey guys,

I tried all of that, I really did. I was really surprised that the surface layer did not work.

The only real problem is that the PF has only one mask input. So all the other way of doing this are fine But for the fact that one of the masks must be inverted. I really tried everything mentioned several times.

Just thought of this. it works!
I just needed another mask input that would not effect anything else (unless I wanted it to).

Distribution shader! Just as a way to plug in the extra mask. and has its own invert to counter the invert in the PF.

All is perfect now. THANK GOODNESS!

And thank you guys. I only thought to do it once I started reading your posts like a conversation.

It took me all day to solve all of this! But at least I got exactly waht I wanted the way I wanted (mostly ;)) Thats nice.
It has been eaten.