Speedtree wins Technical Achievement Award Oscar

Started by zaxxon, January 23, 2015, 12:12:46 pm

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Forgive me for once again extolling this wonderful application that works so well with Terragen.


I wish I could do a 1/1 comparison of xFrog trees and Speedtree trees, just to see which  more closely approximate realism.
I tried the Speedtree demo once, but models saved in the demo are missing every 5th face cell, and the effect is so jarring that I don't feel like I could ever make a true evaluation of it.  I suspect a lot of other folks are sticking the xFrog for the same reason. 


The price of speedtree is the limiting factor for me I have the architect version which is great but misses some features. It is very good for producing stuff quickly but does need some preparation of textures etc.  Plant studio is more versatile but slower and sometimes buggy.