folder's iceland waterfall

Started by folder, January 25, 2015, 02:50:12 am

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Kalwalk and I both had similar ideas make a waterfall scene   using dunes waterfall (FREE) setup. I tried to move the nodes to another terrain  resembling a fiord but with waterfall aka danny's g recent one, but could not place them correctly. So I followed the lead of kalwalt and spent hours resetting the original terrain until I got a decent pov with settings intact . I do not as yet plan to do a winter scene but have more colours.i spoke to kalwalt  to see if he had figured out how to move and reset the waterfall setup he too had failed. Rocks by luc bianco

all comments and crits welcomed and appreciated 



There's not much time left, so if you try to have a winning chance, I'd go for something less complicated, something you're familiar with and good at. This is a very small image to review anyway, but my first thought was that it looks not too exciting. Maybe go for somthing with water, snow, some vibrant greens and dark rocks, and you'll get more interesting contrasts and reflections.


Like the grass and rolling hills a lot. I don't think its too simple, rather its good to show how the simple is beautiful. This could be all about details and emotion rather than grandeur, and still be among the best images. Just depends on how much energy you have/ how clear your vision is.
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