Rendering anomaly in animation

Started by Ben3D, January 26, 2015, 10:21:42 pm

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I have rendered a rotating test asteroid object but there are some parts of the surface texture that doesn't seem to move with the object when it rotates. It's a subtle effect but it makes the texture look projected on the object since it doesn't completely follow the movement. I don't think that I have any animation setting activated. Can someone help make the texture follow the movement without using a texture map image? I have attached the test project along with a few rendered frames to show the problem.


I think that I have found the problem. It's probably because Terragen generates the textures with global coordinates instead of the object's coordinates. So when an object moves the textures stay in place but seem to move on the object.


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I haven't looked at your file. If you use an OBJ file with UV maps that shouldn't be a problem.

If  you use Terragen objects try using the transform node to move the objects.

I had a kinda similar problem with a crater node not moving with a planet.
A Simple shape shader attached to the place where the crater was helped (thanks to Ulco-Dune ).


You'll need to use a Transform Input Shader, and copy the same animation to that node. If this were a Planet node you'd be able to simply check "move textures with planet" and "rotate textures with planet". Most imported objects are mapped with UVs (which are stuck to the object) so we haven't added similar options to imported objects. We should do that in a future version.

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OK, thanks both of you for the help.