Iceland Non-Entry

Started by RArcher, February 03, 2015, 09:53:39 pm

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Found an hour to slap some nodes in a line and kick out a render.  Pretty much no surfacing, no details or anything interesting going on and it could be Iceland or just some random place with snow.

Mostly just posting to express encouragement for anyone who hasn't started yet, or is worrying that there isn't enough time to finish.  You can get a lot done in just a couple hours if you keep things simple, clean, and go the evocative route instead of the time intensive complicated detailed route.  So for anyone on the fence.... get going, there is nothing to lose.


Amen Ryan! Nice "sketch". :D

- Oshyan


It has been eaten.


Ryan is right, keep within your competence, and simplicity often makes the best art.


Indeed it's already very beautiful! :)
Terragen 3 creative + animation license


A great idea and starting point.