folders iceland entry wip

Started by folder, February 06, 2015, 01:44:09 am

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another view of iceland c&c appreciated



Because of the northernmost position of the island, I think the image might be much darker. Otherwise, I think ou have a good start here.


This works. I would say break up the canyon walls with various PFs. A little to smooth at the start. And slow down the water just a bit. IF its possible to make it slightly smaller scale over all, that may be good too. But I guess it depends on what your inspiration is.
The canyons in Iceland that I have seen photos of are quite awesome. Want to go fishing there real bad ;D
It has been eaten.


another view -
Badger - agree the walls need work- same problem in this view unsure what you meant by slowing down the water

thanks for the comments



Think he means to reduce water roughness and wave size.


I would work on the water first, that looks quite alright for a rough river or sea inlet. Maybe disperse the foamy whites by a voronoi PF abit more. Main work should be on the land!