Separate assets in TG2

Started by Gkon, December 27, 2006, 02:46:59 PM

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One of the great aspects of v9 was the ability to mix and experiment very quickly
with all the possible variables, ie, atmosphere, terrain, surface material, etc.
Is there going to be something similar in TG2 where we will be able to quickly
upload a previously created preset?


Not really something simillar at the moment, but you can save nodes as clip files (by selecting them in the node view) and import them into another scene (File->Insert Clip File).
I find this quite useful and it works fine enough for me at the moment  ;D



We do hope to be able to provide easy and quick save capability for specific scene elements in the future. However this is complicated by the relatively free-form workflow of the node network. For example you can easily take a node from the Terrain group and plug it into the input of an Object Surface Shader (I am currently doing this to control "snow on trees" by altitude). If you were to then want to save that object with its textures and connections, you would think to simply select the object itself, save as a clip file, then you ought to be able to use it in other scenes. But since it had to be connected to some part of the Terrain group it wouldn't work the same once imported into another scene. We need to determine how to handle these kinds of possibilities and it's a complex problem.

But as I said we do hope to be able to provide this kind of simple "scene element" saving. It just might not be able to deal with more complex networks very well.

- Oshyan