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Started by Volker Harun, August 02, 2007, 03:53:01 am

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Volker Harun

August 02, 2007, 03:53:01 am Last Edit: August 02, 2007, 03:58:03 am by Volker Harun

five months ago I had been working with the Hornblower terrain.
You can download it in another thread.

I revisited the terrain and made some minor adjustements for speeding up the rendertime. Attached is the modified Hornblower Terrain.

It is built up with one Fractal terrain with two outputs. Each one gets a Twist and Shear to different planar directions. After that they are merged by using a fractal shader.

Almost too easy, isn't it? Yes ... and it has one major disadvantage, the features are very repetive ... it is getting boring after a short time.

Well, let us wait ... a bit ... Towerbuster is a bit more interesting ...

Volker Harun

The Towerbuster Terrain is built on the same idea ... and it shows me that it is worthwhile playing around with shaders  ;)

Again two opposite Twist and Shears are merged.
One difference is that they get their data from different terrains.

The second tweak is inside the merge shader which is set to 'subtraction' of terrains. When I have chosen this option, I thought that I will end up with a terrain that does not show the Twist and Shear anymore.
But TG2 rather cuts the terrains ... which is kind of fun  ;D ;D ;D

Last node is a simple Fractal terrain, you could delete it but then the terrain might have really sharp edges.

Have fun ... free for non-commercial use. Else ask for permission.


I made an interesting terrain in a similar way to your hornblower once, I plugged a powerfractal into two twist and shears with opposite values and merged them, except I used the original power fractal again as the control node. It was a nice terrain, it twisted one way on the low sections, and the other on the high sections. It would probably render faster if I cloned the power fractal and removed a lot of the octaves from it and then used it to control the merge shader, but it works and looks pretty. I love the idea of subtracting the terrains, that's a stroke of brilliance, what gave you the idea of doing that?

Volker Harun

I was bored with the terrain and just went through the available options ,)

Volker Harun

Here comes my solution for a cracked surface.

The clip will insert a sphere at coordinates 0|25|0 - the nodes are in the internal network of this sphere.

It is one simple powerfractal that is making the displacement.
The important thing to get decent cracks this way is to play with the displacement offset, it is the key. Here I use the offset inside the surface layer 'Get Cracks'. Be aware that Only breakup colour is turned off!

The Noise variations are set to zero ... play with all alternatives!
You should keep the Colour roughness quite low. Colour Contrast lets you decide how sharp the edges become (together with the offset value).
If you just want to make rocks without cracks, turn off clamp high, clamp low colour.

Have fun, asalam aleikum,
Volker Harun


Very nice, will definitely take a look into it, thanks!



Thanks, Volker.  Another gift to open!   ;D  Cool!   8)
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?

j meyer

AleikĀ“asalam effendi,
they just donĀ“t wanna look like yours. ;)
I really enjoy this file exchange,very inspiring.
;D J.


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Thanks a lot, Volker!
Hope to find some time soon to play and analyze.
And thank you, j meyer, too.
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Volker Harun

First, I want to set here a link to an old cloud-clip that I still use for a startoff ... Old-Clouds

And now for some clouds, that I use more frequent.
The fractal is built from scratch - I needed more contrast than I was able to achieve with the standard fractals - thatswhy the funny colour-values and colour offset.
I guess that the Noise and Warp can be finetuned.

More interesting is the setup:
If the clipfile does not load correctly:
The Powerfractal goes to the upper cumulus and to the transform shader.
So there are duplicate cloud layers with half of my usual density. The only difference is that one cloud's fractal is moved by a few metres. Which make a difference.

Have fun and peace upon you!



Looks like fun, Volker.  I've been working with clouds for a few days.  I'm about to render one complete (by tonight at this rate...slow rendering) and will look at this new clip file in the meantime.
So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?

Volker Harun

Here is a crop of a testrender showing those clouds.


So this is Disney World.  Can we live here?


August 30, 2007, 08:06:01 pm #13 Last Edit: August 30, 2007, 10:03:24 pm by moodflow
Pretty neat Volker.  Kinda has some "virga" effect.

I'll post a sample (when I get home) of some of the cloud research I did in TGTP a few months ago.  I need to stop "improving" my stuff and just post the dang things!   ;D


Ok home now.  Here is an image I created back in the beginning days of TGTP.  It features clouds with a "virga" effect.  Still working on the technique.  Glad to see others are getting there as well.
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BTW, I am scared of attics!  Lotsa cobwebs, darkness, spiders...
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