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Started by yossam, March 01, 2015, 06:23:52 pm

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what do dead people smell like? Not sure if anyone would want this while playing zombie games. As far as I know, everyone shits themselves when they die too. So theres that.
It has been eaten.


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Where's the inertial generator? Seriously, there are thousands of odors so you would have to stock the device with the chemicals that would be in your experience before playing each game or movie. I think it is very impractical and most buyers are probably going to be taken in because they are probably thinking that all odors are produced by "the three primary odors" (there is no such thing) as in light  (i.e. RGB). They're in for a disappointment if they buy this thing and find out the truth. The wind and sprayer might actually contribute something to the experience. Problem is that content is going to have to code for those other senses along with video, sound and subtitles in the data stream. I don't see enough takers in this technology for that to be standardized any time soon. In other words, don't expect much content to be available to support this technology. Also, I didn't know that fire and wind had any scent.


QuoteAlso, I didn't know that fire and wind had any scent.

Fire, well, in zombie games, the zombies may be on fire. What does a zombie smell like when its on fire. These are important questions I think.

Wind, well, I just don't have the energy to do the fart joke I signed in to post, after trying to imagine what a dead person who just shit him self, and then came back to life, then burst into flame, smells like.

Do want wind for flight and drive games. Fortunately you can buy a fan for 8 bucks at walli world.  ;D

Funny post yossam.
It has been eaten.