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Started by yossam, March 01, 2015, 06:23:52 pm

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AHH MAN! I knew this would happen. Different everything from every company. Nothing is going to be standard. Ill need a different set for PS, xbox, whatever TV, phone, PC...  >:(

Probably you will need a different set to use netflix from amazon!  >:(
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Sony release date set.

DK was not open to public. But I guess the Sony has a really good , very high frame rate, and some other things to make it interesting. Sure looks nicer and the lenses are supposed to be much easier to have on for long periods.

No way to know what the final Oculus will look like or what the specs will really be.

Posted here cause its the news thread. Better to post here than a new thread every time something happens I guess.
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Please, dear god, don't post a new thread every time something happens in the VR industry. ;)

- Oshyan


Quote from: Oshyan on March 04, 2015, 04:17:00 pm
Please, dear god, don't post a new thread every time something happens in the VR industry. ;)

- Oshyan

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^^ here is a promo video for the set with a article. Pretty sure the video does not prove jack. But it implies a shit ton. And after reading some first person accounts, well, it sounds like pure joy.

Not that I have the hardware to do even very simple things with this, but do we know what the DK costs? Should be out in a month or two.

Hmmmm, New PC, plus $$$$$ thousands GPU, plus this set, plus plus plus... Robbing a bank is starting to sound like the answer to all my woes. OR wait for 2 years until this stuff is all much less costly... Waiting really sounds terrible though.
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Quote from: Oshyan on March 04, 2015, 04:17:00 pmPlease, dear god, don't post a new thread every time something happens in the VR industry. ;)

VR does seem to be the hot thing right now. The other threads seem to be only crawling lately. I remember working for a medium and even a large company and it was often funny how their management worked. They would drag their feet and give excuses why they wouldn't take the risk for some new way of doing something. But the second they found that their competitor was working on it then panic set in. They said "Why aren't we doing that too! My gosh we're going to be left behind! Well who decided we're not going to do that anyway?" I just had to tell them "You did, sir".


Sounds familiar somehow.

But yeah, its pretty freaking obvious. If VR & holographic work, and is affordable. Then people will simply not consume content that is not VR or holographic any more.
Evolve or die.

People won't even care about photo real again for a while. As long as presence is working right, people will be happy to spend their entertainment time in a loony toons cartoon.
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I don't understand why this is such a foregone conclusion of success for you Badger "as long as it works". 3D tech works too, but 3D in the home is considered a fairly big failure at the moment, even though it's been available for some 10 years. Is it because the tech doesn't work? Eh, it works ok, fine really, and there's content available. People just don't really care that much, and perhaps especially, they don't want to have to wear glasses to watch a movie. Do you really think there will be *huge* adoption of something you have to wear on your entire head? I have serious doubts. I'm *sure* it will take off with a certain segment of gamers, and there will be some other niche markets, but I think just from a general practicality and simple psychological standpoint (think about the psychology of device adoption, e.g. smartphone vs. smart watch, or Google Glass) it's far from a given that this round of VR interest will really turn into broad adoption.

That's not to say it's not worth creating content for. But to say that people will "not consume content that is not VR or holographic anymore" seems extremely optimistic.

- Oshyan


Probably give the porn industry a boost.  :o


^^ already has. Google and you will find an entire community of addicts have devoted there entire lives to it already. No shit either. The funny part, is that they will probably be the ones who get the most work done  :o

3D like you mean sucks (with very little exception), thats why its not selling like everyone thought it would. I never liked it. Its almost always a let down in the cinema, so why would people spend on it for their homes? VR (yes if it works) will crush those 3D TVs in sales. Plus intro VR costs thousands less than a Ultra HD 3D TV, so count the kids in with their burger king pay checks. Those are the ones who drive sales of entertainment music and movies and games. Most 3D TVs are bought by families for kids. Sales of content tells us so. Or are you aware of more "fine" films being produced for 3D?

Just go to a film in 3D, but instead of watching the film, sit facing the crowd, look at them watch the film. Then go on youtube and spend a few hours looking at the faces of people doing a VR demo. Its obvious. And thats just with, not working very well, stock asset, crap... Just experiments really yet.

Yeah, you are right from other posts it will be a little while before you can go to best buy and get it with content like we all want for it. But that will happen pretty fast. Hell, there is not nearly enough content to justify a Ultra HD TV, but sales are going OK. The only reason there not better is because too many people just bought a regular HD.

QuoteDo you really think there will be *huge* adoption of something you have to wear on your entire head?

Yes. Comfort is not what people ride roller coasters for.

No one who games, will want to play most games outside of VR once its ready, and the consoles and PCs are ready for them. So yeah, gamers first. But as a recent post by seth showed, real time movies are hear now, the GPU just costs more than a car. But that wont be the case for very long. SO then animated realtime VR kids films quality. "Than final fantasy: the spirits within" quality. Then "Avatar" quality.

Just imagine call of duty in VR. It will happen. And thats all it will take. The kids will want it, so thats what they will get. Movies will follow. Then as sales grow, more will be invested in making the sets better and better, and less of a headache.

Holographic is a bit harder to grasp in terms of independent production. But its even more promising since it offers to bring a new reality to your life rather than just taking you to a creation of someone else.
SO think about horror in VR, but instead of you being transported to a scary house, a psycho killer is standing in the hall just off YOUR living room. YOUR walls start to bleed. YOUR home speakers start talking to you in ancient babylonian, no other form of TV will do. After that, the evening news will be read in person in your living room. Commercials will place the sale item right in front of you. There is billions of new dollars o be made here. Because people will really want it, unlike 3D movies.

But no one should take my word for it. I am nobody. Take the 2 billion dollars that Oculus sold for. Take the millions and millions that are being spent by sony. Even apple may be gearing up for this according to some resent news reports. They are putting their money where my mouth is.

Dont even get me started on porn...

I am not an optimist. The world is a shit hole. People want to escape, even people with great lives, thats the foundational driving force of all entertainment sales. And I for one think the world ain't getting no betta.
VR and holographics are not the new idiot box, they are the new crack. The Chemistry just has to be perfected and the sale price has to be within the grasp of of the primary user base. There will be nicer stuff for the rich, just like there is now.

...By the way, an orgasm is something like a thousand times more powerful than heroin. And that explains porn right there. And why there is already commercial products online for RIFT in porn. People are already buying and selling. (Find it your selves guys, I ain't no pimp ;D)

So yeah again... If it works. Because as of right now, as you have pointed out before, its not there yet. But it will get there, because there is money to be made.

That is a realist take.

But OK! I could be really off. I of course, like you, see that there is a lot that can end up not paying off. But I will know on Monday when my rift gets here, assuming I can run it on my system. If it makes me feel like I see the people on line feeling, I will know I am right. Just kinda depends if I can get the demos to work for me or not.
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Do you believe that everything you've just written would not apply to the previous supposed VR revolution? There have been headsets before, 2 decades ago. There has been tremendous excitement about VR, huge money backing it (hell, Sega had a headset, in their heydey!), and yet it died, almost completely, for a long time. Now it's resurging and... who knows?

You can argue that the technology wasn't ready then, but similar arguments could be made about the terrible 8 and 16 bit graphics of the time compared to now. Yet, people still played video games quite happily. But VR did *not* take off. Maybe it will this time, but everything you've just said seems to have been similarly true in the previous attempt, we just have better hardware and content now. Arguments can be made that there is a critical threshold for visual response time and head tracking that avoids motion sickness, etc. and that perhaps this issue alone was responsible for the previous failure. Maybe that's true and perhaps hardware improvement will be enough. I do think it will fare better this generation, and will sell decently. But I'm not yet convinced that there is a *strong* case to be made that this go-around is destined for *big* success, i.e. truly mainstream.

- Oshyan


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^^perfectly reasonable.

I referenced a post by seth in my rant, so I want to repost the link Seth shared because it goes to the state of all of this, and because ITS FREAKING AWSOME!
Also, it goes to the greater conversation about how VR will be consumed; PC vs consoles arguments.
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You guys need to see this
VALVe HTC total reveal.

Oshyan?  :o ;D
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