Playing with terrain

Started by Cocateho, March 04, 2015, 10:30:42 pm

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Started out trying to make an escarpment, ended up getting a little distracted and going in a different direction but still focusing on cliff sides. The grass is a shader, but I put a few patches of the built on grass to add larger "tufts" here and there... I'm interested to know what you all think of how it worked. Overall I could have upped the detail a bit, usually I find .8 to be ok but I feel like it left a bit to be desired this time.


I think it's a good start, but that you need diversity in colors, and distinction between grass and bare rocks. Also, the trees (and more species) in a more clumped fashion may add reality, but I guess it's the terrain you 'worry' about first.


Great start! I like the shapes of the terrain a lot. A very good base to get something cool done.
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added a little more color and variation and tweaked the terrain slightly as well as the sun angle


#2 is getting better. Try adding large rocks and fake stones?
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