Unsupported geoereferencing in TG3 Free

Started by ssalvador, March 27, 2015, 04:23:20 PM

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I recently downloaded TG3 Free thinking that I could evaluate how well it could mosaic tiled georeferenced DEM, TER, or GEOTIFF files.  Soon discovered that this functionality is only available in the 2 Professional versions.   For my work,  I am currently using AutoCAD to generate TINs of natural and engineered surfaces and importing them into Maya for my 3D visualizations but I'd like to try out TG and see if it's a better option.  Is there an evaluation version of TG3 Pro that I can trial for a while?


Sure, that's not a problem. If you'd like to get an evaluation license, just fill out this form:

- Oshyan


Here's a sample mixing SRTM DEM and an OBJ created from Photoscan. The OBJ was positioned using a DEM created from the same model, but as heightfields don't support overhangs I had to switch in the model. ;)



Thanks to Oshyan and bigben,

much appreciated