TG3 planet rings using clouds?

Started by skarlath, April 01, 2015, 01:57:07 am

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Greetings, does anyone know of a way you can create clouds on a object or somehow distributing the clouds in a planets rings like the image below.


If you use the search function you may get lucky, as there are several attempts at this, and some very succesful. I think there are also tgd's around.


Short answer: A mask.

Longer answer: Depends on the orientation of the planet, but assuming you haven't rotated the planet you could mask on y-values alone.


Something like this?... I suspect you may have problems with noise (thick cloud layer, very low density) which may not be a problem depending on the effect you're after.


Here is a thread has lots of talk on the topic:,17502.15.html

Start at page one there are a lot of problems that you can run into, but it works in the end.
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