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Started by DocCharly65, May 07, 2015, 12:44:33 am

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Better now. But to my taste there's still not enough occlusion weight. Sorry, silly question: is GISD checked? If so, you could try an occlusion weight of 1.5 or even 2.


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GISD not checked  was the reason for all the floating objects in all my images (also other projects).

I tried higher occlusion weight but got too dark frames on all object edges (especially the room corners got too black). I tried many settings and 0.8 occlusion weight and 25 radius was the best compromise.

What does bounce to the ounce do? perhaps I can play with this setting too?

At the moment I test a big render of the inside view of the room with GSID "on". Unfortunately the function seems to be added after finished rendering earliest. The smaller render already shows first success. The rack with the bottles on the right side didn't throw a shadow onto the wall before, what disturbed me most.


Only 720p / AA3 / details0.3 upscaled. That was the first test with the new settings. I almost completely needed new light setting including gamma, sunstrength, camera exposureand others... but the light outside the windows now looks better.  Also I moved the sun a bit to get a slight shine onto dog's nose. At first sight seems quite dark, but after looking into all my rooms I found it's much more realistic. (I think HDR effects are intersting but I don't really like)

(Besides thanks for the suggestion with the pots, I did not ignore but somehow I like these plant pots with the basket look  :)  )


Perfect placement of the Dream Catcher...When I had a render get this dark I went into the lighting tab and upped my Global Illumination on Surfaces to I think 2, but maybe 1.5. It wasn't much but it brought up some over dark areas. Bounce to the ounce seems to work mainly with GI but is greyed out for AO so that may help as well.
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Great  :)
Means, that I now understand more about placing a dream catcher than to do Terragen settings  ;)

The darkness in the room is as I intended (maybe on other PC monitors it looks darker than on mine - here it's OK).
So eg. I didn't want to brighten the dog but change the sun direction to get natural light on his nose.

All in all, I hope you get the similar impression like me: A slightly dim lit room in the morning. In a room like this you will not see too much details until your eyes have adjusted...
But let's wait how the bigger rendered image will look like.


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Got you...knowing time of day puts a different 'light' on it, heh heh heh
Looks like 9:10 A M by the clock.
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I like this last one a lot.  ...but where is the girl go...?
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Much better now!!!
These are the settings of my Hammond B3 interior image. Maybe they are useful for you?

Sunlight strength: 4.5
Enviro light/Strength on surfaces: 3
GI cache detail: 4
GI sample quality: 4
GISD occlusion weight: 2
Render/Effects: Contrast: 0.25, Gamma corr.: 1.9

The rest is default.


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Thanks :)

Funny... I have similar settings
Enviro light/Strength on surfaces: 3.5
Sun is 3.6
Render/Effects: Contrast: 0.25, Gamma corr.: 1.5 (lower gamma for the intended harder dark areas)

GI detail and quality only on 2 - I tried higher settings but saw no improvements - only bigger GI cache-file

The occlusion weight higher than 0.6-0.8 began to result in hard black lines and increasing the radius only blurred them...

Something I recognized: every times I rendered a GI cache file, I got different results. Sometimes even bad results with hard color boundaries eg. in the wall. I tried up to 20-30 GI cache files until I found one that was good. How can this happen?

I think if this is a general problem, there must be a big problem in animations too !?
In some of my animation tests I saw changing shadow-darkness in the middle of the animation without any recognizable reason.


Cool Kadri  ;)  The first link is one of the most helpful I already found two days ago  :)

The second link unfortunately has to many "TBC"
But yours was extremely helpful, Thanks!

j meyer

Quote...(I didn't like any of the ivy I found - so I improvised)...

Already tested this one:  ?


Hey Jochen, that looks very, very intersting! Thanks! I'll test as soon as I get a free PC (all of them busy and pixelplow still no registration with paypal instead of credit card possible)


That's it for the moment, my holidays are over now but the last lesson was quite interesting.
The ivy-generator worked quite good after I tried several settings.
Some occlusion weight settings are new too.. They seem to be really extremely dependend on the resolution of the image.


The inside image is updated with higher occlusion weight settings too.



3D anaglyphic (red blue glasses needed):


Time to reduce some details again for animation.
Unfortunately the dog and the horses must go...