How many remember this?

Started by yossam, May 15, 2015, 11:21:26 pm

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There is no way anyone can ever recreate the nostalgic 80s feel-good type of film that it was. The 80s were a different time with a different mentality then today's more grittier post-millennial, cynical and anti-hero world. I think the idea of a single heroic archetype would not play well in today's environment which we need this to come back. Because what is wrong with a hero saving the universe in a feel-good sci-fi action flick? They will update it for today's audience and it will be a broken film. Just look at GI Joe, Transformers, Tron and now Jem.


I was very little when I first saw this movie. I loved it.

Also loved "Explorers". Remember that one? And cant forget "Flight of the Navigator"! Ahhhhh, VHS... Such good memories.
It has been eaten.


Explorers was great. Ambitions of the young wanting to go to space. I miss a trip to the good old VHS rentals. That was pure excitement.


Just a tiiiiiny bit before my time, but I remember seeing this movie when I was a real little kid (so a couple of years after it was released) - so much nostalgia.
Problem is, a lot of the 'remakes' of movies get screwed up for various reasons, its really quite sad actually. :(
Oldschool is better, most of the time.


That is because the studios are trying to hard make it for a modern audience and the mind-sets of movie goers had changed a lot since then. When an idea is updated for today it fails to hold onto what made it great to begin with. Why fix something if it is not broke? Create something new and different.


God we're old nerds LOL!!!!!


True, but at least I would like to be called a REAL nerd before being a nerd became "mainstream" and Comic Con was taken over by the Hollywood Studios and people who are seriously extroverted, into Sports and only play World of Warcraft.




Remember it, because I was in school taking a computer curriculum and playing Defender on my lunch breaks.