Control Size of Objects With Elevation

Started by Aleksei, May 24, 2015, 05:22:57 pm

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Hi! I'm new to Terragen 3, and my last experience with Terragen 0.9 took place 10 years ago :)
Can you tell me, please, how I can control the size of objects (let's say, trees) with elevation they're placed at? For example, I want them to become smaller on higher altitudes. Is it possible to achieve or I have to make 2 shader layers  on different heights and blend them?

Thank you in advance for your answer!
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No can do as far as I know, just number by height (less as you get higher/lower like that). The only size control on that level is the scale (between x and z) per population after you've set the size you want in the 2nd part of the population shader.
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Bobby is right, impossible atm. without using several populations with different size variation.


ok, Thank you, guys. You saved some time!

P.S. Is there a thread on this forum with something like a wish list and/or bugs feedback? I have couple ideas for Terragen improvement.
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