harbour 1100 AD

Started by Dune, May 26, 2015, 10:55:27 am

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I'll experiment with mesh deformation, but the buildings are quite lowpoly, more built for distance than close up, so they might crack up. Max size in print for the wall of one building will be around 50cm high (at 44dpi). As always, I have to take care not to loose myself in overly detail for this commission. Going to be heavy anyway.
I'll try negative light also, if necessary. The strange thing is that if I test one building in a default scene the interior is dark. Maybe extra cloud makes enviro light lighter?

The problem is that I only have 60% of wall that is straight, so I try to compress the important stuff in the left part. I probably need to find another POV, like 3A. Also difficult to get close to the buildings and see all details, just not possible. So I have the same problem as you, Hannes  ;)


Might there be a problem with flipped faces or normals; Jochen and I ran into unusual light effects when exploring stained/variable transparency, connected to flipped faces or normals. Didn't show in 3D preview only in renders.
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You might have a point there, Bobby, as the interior is double walled, so the internal walls' normals are pointing inwards. But still, that shouldn't be happening. I'll check it out.
Here's another croptest, a few houses placed, water without transparency for faster rendering, but the waves need adjustment. Too large for a river, and I'm going to give them some nice swirls, and make the waves larger in the center only. 


Looks already great, Ulco!


The reflections of the shoreline and wind patches turned out nicely. Looking fine.




What can I say? The master at work  :) Great!


New view and 'small' crop at 100%. Thanks to Ben I got it split in two half renders and a camera rotation of 22.5ยบ, which won't frustrate my machine. Even so, the output crop file was 400Mb big.


Fine progress you are achieving here. The details in the docking area are perfect. Maybe tilt e few of those vertical posts?




Ulco, you are a monster with this stuff. Your mask work is as always outstanding. I can't believe how quickly you turn around such vistas with the detail you put into them.


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Thanks, Jon. Masking isn't hard at all actually and you'd know it, you just have to think displacement if painting in greys. I always strive for as little memory use as possible, so keep the maps small (4k), and refine in TG (warp or fractal warp, add a color adjust or bias scalar). Like the river here; basic soft white line, but main body is displaced 2m down through a gamma=0.5 adjustment and shores are warped and displaced down the remaining 2m. Terrain around city is from a 16-bit heightmask, around that, distance is procedural inversely masked by a warped soft simple shape.
The main issue is to paint the roads and heights in a way that roads only raise perpendicular on raises in terrain, or they would tilt.
Most work is making and placing the 100+ houses, market stalls, people, etc. I'm thinking of editing the tgd file so all imported textures are loaded only once, and asigned to parts. In an earlier file I did it by hand, opening every object and rewiring to one texture setup, but that's tedious. I wonder if it can be done in a text editor, with a simple swap.


I need more ground on the right side, so I changed POV. Added some stuff, but a lot has to be done still.


Nice to see the progress. I can nearly see how it might look in the end. Sweet.