Clock and Pool at night

Started by DocCharly65, May 29, 2015, 02:45:15 am

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...and another small step...
Enjoy  :)



...and an even smaller step for a clocks second hand...  ;D


One or more of my tracker blockers is not allowing me to see this link. I tried turning them off but its not showing. Can you post a link for me to the youtube channel or whatever host you used? Thanks.
It has been eaten.


Sorry to hear that.

Perhaps you can open it directly from my channel:

I tried it from my PC as "not logged in" successfully so I hope it works.
There are some more clips with Terragen stuff. Enjoy  :)


The link works. And it looks fantastic!!


I think your Spaceflight is very moving and a terrific piece of work. Makes me smile as well! Thanks, Nils.


Thank you  :)
Makes me happy to hear that. And of course encourages me to go on with "my plan"

Dune, Spaceflight was the reason how I came to TG3 last year :)
As you can see in the credits, only 10% is Terragen.

Oshyan was so kind to sell me the old version 0.x for that little movie. At that time it was only an idea and I was not sure if it would work to animate the moon. After it was finished, Oshyan encouraged me just to try the free TG3-edition and gave me so great support via email therefore I have continued to use it (I didn't know the forum at that time)


Interesting to hear that, thanks again for telling this. And really good to have you here now! By the way, you must have some fast machine(s), turning out one animation after the other.


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And it's nice to be here and to know all of you creative guys.

In fact I use some not really economical PCs  ;)

When I finished the spaceflight ("only" on my Acer with one of the last Athlon 4core Processors) I also have maintained my gaming hobby on steam. So I buyed a core i7 4770 Asus with a gforce 750 TI. Good enough for some games but when I learned a little bit programming on the CryEngine this was too slow as well  ;)  (I will reupload a first experiment into my channel next days - but I have abandoned it in favor to TG3 with the higher realism)
But what was possible within hours on the Cryenine unfortunately needs months and extremely higher knowledge in TG3 -- but seems to be worth :) )

Same time I had first little success with TG3 and increased my PC-farm with another core i7 4770  but including a Gforce SLI (2x GTX770)
Unfortunately the SLI-Graphics has no influence on TG3 render speed, but not using the graphics power keeps the PC quiet :)
But the 16GB RAM increases the speed app. 15-30% (The other i7 has only 8 GB)

At the moment I do the animation renders and the work on the more complex scenes on the two PCs with the core i7 4770 and do some basic scene developments or object "checking" on the old athlon PC. For gaming I spend almost no more time... Perhaps I will invest into two more PCs to use my remaining two TG3 licences (it's 5 within the prof-version - right?)

Some day in the future I must contact pixelplow to ask why registration is only possible with credit card though they offer paypal (I have not too many principles, but credit card in Internet is my absolute taboo)

Hey - enough babble  ;D
We now have completed frame 245 of 375 on "Machine 2" for the "early-morning-duck-in-the-pool-animation"...