Animated sky dome / atmospheres

Started by yesmine, May 30, 2015, 05:36:17 pm

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I'm curious whether there have been any advances in using Terragen to created sky domes, perhaps even animated ones? The forum posts I found were from years ago and only suggested doing it manually with rotation and keyframes, and I didn't see anything more current now that Terragen is up to version 3+.

In my humble opinion, it seems such an obvious thing that Terragen should be able to do wonderfully. More so, I would think it should be possible to create animated sky domes, though I do not know what that would entail, but even simply rendering a set of images that could be projected to fully cover a 360-degree sphere would allow the appearance of some cloud movement by slowly animating the sphere rotation. Simplistic, but still useful.

Any news or thoughts, perhaps a plugin or script that might automate it?


Terragen 3 includes both a Spherical Camera and a Fisheye Lens, both of which can be useful for these purposes, depending on specific intent (e.g. fisheye is most useful for things like planetarium dome projections). Most likely you would use the Spherical Camera mode. Then you can easily render out a full 360 degree animated sky to an image sequence.

- Oshyan