TGW import in place?

Started by spinner, December 27, 2006, 06:18:23 PM

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I have a massive library of TG 0.9 shaders i'd like to import and use- I've looked most UI places in TG2. Am I missing something, or isn't this implemented yet, or won't it be implemented?

FAQ states:

QuoteWill we be able to use our existing TG world, atmosphere and surface map files in TG2?

TG2 is a completely new renderer which is radically different to TG. This means that internally everything works differently to TG, and it will be hard to correlate settings in one with settings in the other. However, TG2 should have tools to import older files from TG wherever possible.

- hence wondering :-)



This is correct, concerning Terrain Files  ;)
For the rest I think your tgw library became obsolete  :(


Yea good job the terrain files work though im sure with the comments on the world files/atmospheres etc, its Planetsides polite way of saying its not gonna happen, at least any time soon.


We may be able to import some aspects of .tgw, .srf, etc. files for the final release. But these will frankly be a low priority because the significant differences between TG 0.9 and TG2 mean that even if we could import the settings, the results would be vastly different.

We are aware people have a significant investment of time and effort in creating TG 0.9 scenes and we would like to facilitate the re-use of a reasonable amount of this data, but it has practical limits as well. We will have to see what is possible for the final product.

- Oshyan