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Started by Clay, June 10, 2015, 03:08:46 PM

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Is there a way to set the limit of the fake stone shader on its altitude? As in if I create a fake stone shader I don't want rocks up on the side of my cliff or overhang etc, I only want them at ground level. I'm sure its easy and I'm overlooking something, Thanks!


you can use Mask by shader with a distribution shader
you will be able to restric altitude and slope limits.

an other way is to use a painted shader (Mask by shader also)



Cool! Thx will try that out:-)


One other way is to have the stones shaders all connected to the Child input of a surface shader. Then set the min and/or max altitude wanted in the surface shader's altitude constraints tab. Color would be left unapplied in that surface shader since the color presumably is already defined in the Child stone setup.


Or you can spray a broad area with a Paint shader and then use a Distribution shader to control altitude and slope within that general area.
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