Modern Title Bar Functions

Started by WAS, June 16, 2015, 07:31:28 pm

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Nothing important or anything, but in future releases (and demos) it would nice to have more modern title bar support.

  • Double click for - fullscreen window / resizable window

  • Half-screen support for Windows 7/8/10+ (I often use two instances for testing purposes) - When you drag a window to the left/right side it fills left/ride screen acting like "fullscreen" window.


Double-click for main application and some floating window titlebars works. The ones it does not work on are not meant to be resized. The reason left/right anchoring doesn't work quite right (depending on your screen resolution) is that the UI requires a specific minimum resolution and aspect ratio, which is unlikely to change unless we implement a more flexible UI with floating panels, etc. Even in that case it would be hard to auto-arrange the UI to fit into a side-docked window shape effectively.

So basically, if you have high enough resolution to support the minimum window size, then all the functions you're referencing already do work.

- Oshyan